Questions? Just ask, we love talking about it!

Can I tour and visit the facilities prior to arrival?
Of course! You are welcome to tour Charleston Dog House. Our lobby hours are from 7am to 12pm and 3pm to 7pm. We are an open door facility. No appointment or phone call necessary!

Can someone other than myself drop off, or pick up my dog?
Yes, but please contact us prior to arrival to make proper arrangements with check-in paperwork and payment.

What method of payments do you accept, and do I pay when I drop my dog off or when I pick up?
We accept Visa, MasterCard, cash and Traveler’s Checks. We cannot break large bills of $50 or $100. No personal or business checks will be accepted. Payment is due at check-out unless your pet is staying for more than 10 days.

Is there an in-depth interview to determine relevant background, behavioral and health information including confirmation of spay/neuter, proof of vaccinations, flea and tick prevention, etc.? Moreover, is the information kept up to date?
Upon arrival on first visit, there will be some paperwork to be filled out. Also dogs must show proof of current vaccinations on Rabies, DHPPV (distemper), and Bordetella (kennel cough). We have a computerized reminder system for vaccination updates. Flea preventatives are strongly recommended but not documented.

Does Charleston Dog House provide food, or do I need to bring in my own dog’s food? Can I bring in dry food and/or wet food? What container should I bring the food in?
We require you to bring your dog’s food. If you forget, don’t worry! We sell 6 lb. bags of Wellness Complete Health in our store lobby. You can bring in the food in any container or bag that is most convenient for you. We have a refrigerator to store any wet food during your dog’s stay.

Can Charleston Dog House administer my dog’s medication? Is there an extra fee?
No charge for administering medications. We will gladly administer your dog’s medication. At check-in, please inform our front desk staff on time of day, dosage and best way to administer the medication. Also, we sell Pill Pockets to help your dog enjoy the medication process.

Can I bring in my dog’s own toys, treats and bed?
We suggest you do what’s best for your dog and for your own peace of mind. We do provide cots/beds in every suite, but some people prefer for their dogs to have the familiarity of their own bedding and toys. If you forget to bring some treats, we have an amazing selection of doggy treats, chews and bones in our Store Lobby for your convenience.

How can I be sure that the play space and overnight suites are clean, odor & disease-free, comfortable and safe for my dog?
We clean and disinfect nightly, regardless of how many dogs have visited. Come visit us any time to check out Charleston’s cleanest facility.

Is there a schedule of activities?
Yes, the schedule includes times of play, rest, and feeding.

What is the difference between my dog participating in daycare or not participating in daycare?
If you choose for your dog not to participate in our daycare program, we will simply take your dog out to our third play area not being used for daycare every two hours for about ten minutes. This service is included in the price of boarding. If you have your dog signed up for daycare and they are taken out for reasons such as aggression, excessive mounting, biting or medical reasons, they will be put on this schedule. We will always inform you if your dog is removed from daycare. If you choose for your dog to participate in our daycare program, they will be outside playing for up to 7 hours daily weather permitting. We have a variety of toys outside for the playful dogs assuming the dogs are behaving with the toys. We also have orthopedic cots for the calmer dogs to lounge on and enjoy the fresh air. Daycare is always supervised by one of our trained employees. Our employees are out there not only to supervise but to play with your pup, and give them plenty of loving! Daycare is an extra $6/day added onto the price of boarding.

How are the new dog introductions in Daycare handled?
Based on our assessment, we will determine the rate at which your dog is ready for group play. A slow introduction with one to two of our regular daycare dogs is usually where we start. Please understand that we must err on the conservative. Sometimes dogs don’t get along for unpredictable reasons and must be removed for the safety of all our guests.

How are the corrections administered and what provisions are there for avoiding fights?
Charleston Dog House always monitors the dogs’ behavior to avoid incidents. Again, we consistently err on the conservative side, if we have cause to believe that a dog may start a fight, we will promptly remove them from daycare as a precautionary measure. However, we are equipped with air horns and water hose to spot correct dogs.

Are the dogs supervised at all times when they are together?

What toys and activities are in the outdoor play areas?
Charleston Dog House has outdoor facilities complete with Large Indestructible balls, Jolly Eggs, Throwing Balls, Rope Toys, Frisbees, Sandboxes and Large Canopies for shade or cover from a light rain. During the summer we bust out some furry favorites… such as the Wading Pools and Sprinklers! The dogs could ask for nothing more!

Do the dogs ever get time to wind down from the flurry of activity?
Dogs nap quietly in their individual suites from noon until 3pm. This gives them a chance to get in a peaceful “dog nap” before the afternoon session of play time. We learned by experience that dogs appreciate this time away from each other to recoup from the morning play time.

Is there a great deal of noise/barking?
The dogs tend to be generally “quiet” during play. Most dogs spend more time sniffing, wrestling, and playing with toys rather than barking. Dogs are the loudest with new visitors (as you will soon learn during your visit). 🙂

Generally how do the dogs act at Charleston Dog House?
We have a pack of very happy pooches. View the live web cams!

How will my dog behave after a day at Charleston Dog House?
Dogs generally will drink a lot of water, eat, and then sleep through the night and into the next day.

Are the requirements and rules in writing so I will know what to expect?
Yes. See the Doggy Rules.

Still have questions?
Ask the Charleston Dog House Staff. We are more than happy to help and serve you. Come visit us and learn why Charleston Dog House truly is the best environment for your pooch!