Doggy Cams

Live Doggy Cams are a free service to our Doggy Daycare guests.

Our goal is to provide a fun and safe environment for your pet at the Charleston Dog House. Our promise to you is to make every effort to meet this goal. Unfortunately, on occasions dogs may be unpredictable and temperamental at times. We make judgment calls every day and are trained to err on the conservative side for the safety of all dogs. This means that on certain occasions your pet may not participate in daycare for a few hours, a single day or the entire stay. Thank you for understanding and trusting us with your pet.

The Outside Play Areas are available for public viewing! First time users may be required to install ActiveX software (requires deactivation of popup blocker). You can also see the Doggy Cams on your iPhone!


Area 1     Area 2     Area 3     Exclusive Area

Approximate Weekly Schedule

Please keep in mind schedule may change due to weather or unforeseen reasons. It is important for dogs to relax for 1 hour after eating to prevent bloating, etc.

6:30 AM Morning Walk
7:00 AM Morning Feeding

8:00-11:30 AM Daycare

12:00-3:00 PM Nap Time

3:30-6:00 PM Daycare

6:00 PM Evening Feeding
7:00 PM Evening Walk

Note: Schedule may change without notice due to weather conditions and holiday schedules.

Holiday Schedule Pick Up Times

Noon checkout for any dog being picked up during Nov 21-26 & Dec 24-Jan 2.